Continuous Enrollment/Leave of Absence

Students who elect to interrupt their studies must demonstrate a valid reason (i.e. Illness, family emergency, etc.) to obtain an approved leave of absence. Students must complete the online application for leave of absence, and receive approval from the program director. If approved, the graduate registrar's office will apply the leave to student's record.

Students with an approved leave of absence who remain unenrolled for more than 12 months or students who take leave without an approved leave of absence will be required to apply for readmission to the program. Students will be responsible for meeting program requirements as outlined in the current graduate catalog. Degree program matriculants who have not enrolled in classes for more than 12 months will be unable to register for classes without being readmitted.

Upon readmission students will be required to meet current catalog and licensure requirements. Readmission instructions may be found at this link:

On rare occasions the College may require students to take an involuntary leave of absence. More information can be found in the Student Involuntary Leave of Absence Policy.