Transcript requests must be in writing (federal guidelines require the student's signature to release academic information). The request form for a Lewis & Clark graduate transcript is available on the registrar's web page at

Transcript requests and payment can be forwarded to the registrar's office by mail, fax, or email to the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling:

Graduate Registrar's Office, Rogers Hall, Room 301
615 S Palatine Hill Road, MSC 90
Portland, OR 97219-7899

Fax: (503) 768-6035

It may take up to five working days before the transcript will be produced and mailed.

Lewis & Clark may withhold transcripts from students with unpaid financial obligations. Lewis & Clark does not issue copies of transcripts from other institutions. If students are interested in securing copies of transcripts from other schools, they must contact those institutions directly.

Transcript Fees

Transcripts cost $5 each for the first two. Additional transcripts, when ordered at the same time, are $2 each.

Undergraduate and Law School Request

If students also completed undergraduate coursework with Lewis & Clark College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), students must request those transcripts separately through the CAS Registrar’s Office.  Information on ordering CAS transcripts can be found at Graduate school transcripts cannot be ordered through Parchment at this time.

If you completed law coursework with Lewis & Clark Law School, we will forward your request to the Law Registrar’s Office for official transcripts. The transcripts will be sent under separate cover at no additional fee.