Transfer of Credit

Transfer of graduate credit from other institutions is evaluated on an individual basis and may include courses using both traditional and alternative modes of delivery. With prior approval, students may transfer a maximum of the equivalent of 10 semester hours of graduate level credit to a master’s degree program and 14 semester hours to the doctoral program in education leadership. The amount of transfer credit accepted by individual programs may vary. Only graduate level credits earned in the last five years prior to admission and not used toward the requirements of a previously awarded degree are considered for transfer credit. Courses requested for transfer into an applicant’s degree program at Lewis & Clark must be from a regionally accredited institution and have a minimum grade of B-, except when the issuing institution considers a grade of B- as not passing. In this case the transfer courses must have the minimum passing grade allowed for graduate credit for that institution. A grade of CR or “pass” may be accepted from an institution that provides documentation that a CR or “pass” grade represents a grade of B- or higher. Practicum, internship, or field experience courses will not be considered for transfer and must be completed at the Graduate School of Education and Counseling.

To have previous course work evaluated for transfer credit, students must submit official transcripts documenting the coursework. A student must be formally admitted and actively pursuing a program of study at the graduate school and complete a minimum of one course before transfer coursework is placed on a student’s transcript.