Graduate Catalog

Withdrawal from Lewis & Clark

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from Lewis & Clark must initiate a formal withdrawal by supplying required documentation and completing a withdrawal form. Instructions and the withdrawal form are available in the graduate registrar’s office or online. Withdrawing from the college may affect tuition charges and financial aid eligibility. Please refer to Billing and Payment Standards and Financial Assistance sections of the catalog.

Withdrawal from a Course

Students may withdraw from a course after the drop deadline but before 50% of the course meetings have occurred. In this case, a grade notation of “W” (withdrawn) is recorded for that course. Grades of “W” are not calculated into the grade point average.

To withdraw from a course, complete the withdrawal form and submit it to the graduate registrar’s office, room 301 in Rogers Hall prior to the deadline. The official date of withdrawal is the day the form is submitted to the graduate registrar’s office.

Students who cease to attend but fail to officially withdraw from a course before 50% of the course meetings have taken place will receive a failing grade or the earned grade as awarded by the course instructor.