Graduate Catalog

Course Numbering System

  • 500-699 Graduate-level courses (applicable to Lewis & Clark degree programs)
  • 700-799 Doctorate-level courses (applicable to the Doctor of Education degree program)
  • 800-899 Continuing education courses (graduate-level courses not applicable to a Lewis & Clark degree program)
  • 900-999 Graduate-level courses (international coursework, applicable to Lewis & Clark degree programs)

Students should check with their advisors before enrolling to determine whether courses they intend to take will apply to their planned program.

Courses taken at the non-degree-applicable level (800-899) cannot be changed to the degree-applicable academic level (500-799, 900-999) retroactively. Courses taken at the degree-applicable level (500-799, 900-999) cannot be changed to the non-degree-applicable academic level (800-899) retroactively.