Graduate Catalog

Catalog of Record

When students enroll for academic credit at Lewis & Clark, their graduation requirements are governed by the catalog in effect at the time of their initial enrollment. This is called the student’s “catalog of record.” If a student withdraws from their program and later returns, the requirements of the catalog current at the time of re-entry will be applied. If a student changes programs, the requirements of the catalog current at the time of the change will be applied. A student may elect to change their catalog of record to the current catalog in effect. The student must then satisfy all requirements for the desired degree under the catalog selected. To achieve this change, the student must contact their academic department and notify the Graduate Registrar's Office. Once a student has changed from one catalog of record to another, that change is considered final and it is not possible to move back to the original requirements. Since students are expected to know and follow all current policies and procedures, every student is encouraged to periodically review the current catalog.