The Connect-Portland (PDX) designation is given to courses highlighting the experiential, experimental and/or inquiry-based learning that derives from Lewis & Clark College’s location in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. These courses include instruction, content, and/or student work that is specific to Portland and/or the surrounding areas. These courses may also consider Portland’s relationship to regional, national, and/or global developments. Connections are made through one or more of the following activities: course readings, class discussions, lectures, field trips, guest speakers, assignments, research projects, laboratory work, internships, volunteer work.


ART 401Art After 1945
Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation
ELI 103Leadership: Teams & Innovation
ELI 261Summer Internship in Sustainability
ELI 310Curatorial Affairs in the Visual Arts
ELI 349Innovation At Work: Internship & Seminar
Environmental Studies
ENVS 295Environmental Engagement
ENVS 311(Un)Natural Disasters
GEOL 150Environmental Geology
GEOL 280The Fundamentals of Hydrology
Health Studies
HEAL 300Health Studies Internship
HIST 239Constructing the American Landscape
HIST 264From Stumptown to Portlandia: The History of Portland
HIST 338Crime and Punishment in the United States
MUP 392Composition Private Lessons
MUS 301Portland Music Scenes
Political Science
POLS 420Policy Innovation
PSY 445Psychology Internship
Rhetoric and Media Studies
RHMS 321Argument and Social Justice
SOAN 282Pacific Rim Cities
SOAN 335Political Economy of Housing