Undergraduate Catalog

Standard Academic Progress

Standard academic progress is based on the completion of 128 semester credits over a four-year or eight-semester period, which will normally require completion of 32 semester credits per year. Some variation of up to 3 semester credits below this level is permitted, but the cumulative total of semester credits completed by the end of each year must be equivalent to the number required for promotion to the next class standing. Thus, students are deemed to be making standard academic progress if they complete 29 semester credits by the end of the first year, 61 semester credits by the end of the second year, and 93 semester credits by the end of the third year. 

Lewis & Clark recognizes that personal circumstances sometimes interfere with the ability to make standard academic progress. Students who plan to complete their degree over a longer-than-normal period should consult with their advisor or the director of academic advising, and, if necessary, with the Office of Financial Aid.