Undergraduate Catalog

Changes in Registration and Enrollment Status

Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing From Courses

Students may add courses online via WebAdvisor during the first two weeks of the semester* by first obtaining the permission of the instructor. Students are not permitted to add courses after the second week of the semester.**

Any student seeking to change sections of the required first-year course, Exploration and Discovery, must have the approval of the Core program coordinator. Changes are approved only in cases of special need and on a space-available basis. Changes after the third meeting of a section are not permitted. Students are not permitted to withdraw from Exploration and Discovery.

Before the end of the second week of the semester, students may drop courses online via WebAdvisor. After the add/drop period has ended, students may use a Course Withdrawal form (available from the Office of the Registrar) to withdraw from individual courses up until the end of the 10th week of the semester. Any withdrawal that takes place after the second week is recorded on the student’s transcript with a grade of W (withdrawal). Students are not allowed to withdraw from individual courses after the 10th week of the semester. Please note that students wishing to drop all of their classes must contact the registrar’s office to withdraw from all courses. WebAdvisor will not permit students to drop from all courses. Please see information below regarding a complete withdrawal during the semester.

Students who need to drop all of their courses at any time after the semester has started will be considered completely withdrawn for the semester. All courses will appear on the transcript with a grade of W (withdrawal).

Complete Withdrawal During the Semester

If a student needs to withdraw from all courses due to an emergency, medical situation, disciplinary suspension, or administrative withdrawal, he or she must meet with the registrar to complete the form. This meeting should be in person if circumstances allow. The policy for withdrawing from individual courses is outlined above, but in the case of a complete withdrawal from all classes during the semester, the 10th-week limitation will not be enforced. Additional information may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.

Semester charges to the student’s account are adjusted on the basis of the date the Office of the Registrar receives written notification of withdrawal. For details, please refer to the Policy of Charge Adjustment.

Leave of Absence

Students who plan to leave Lewis & Clark for a period of one or two semesters must apply for a leave of absence. The filing deadline for a leave beginning in the spring semester is November 1 and for a leave beginning in the fall semester is April 1.

Before filing a request for a leave of absence, the student must meet with his or her faculty advisor to explore how the leave will fit into the overall academic plan. The request for the leave of absence is completed through the Office of the Registrar. The student will be notified by email of the decision. If the request is denied, the student may appeal the decision to the Curriculum Subcommittee on Petitions.

If a leave of absence is approved, the General Education requirements, as well as the major and minor requirements in effect at the start of the leave, will apply when the student returns from the leave.

Students who do not apply for a leave of absence or whose period of absence exceeds two semesters will be withdrawn from Lewis & Clark. They must apply to the registrar for readmission, and will be subject to the graduation requirements in effect at the time of their return.

Students intending to complete academic coursework during their leave are strongly advised to consult with the Office of the Registrar in advance to obtain approval for transfer credit. Any transfer credits that the student wishes to apply to major or minor requirements or use as a prerequisite for registration must also be approved by the appropriate department or program chair. (See transfer credit policies.) Students wishing to study abroad with a non-Lewis & Clark program must also have their program approved by the International Studies Coordinating Committee. Students will not be able to receive federal financial aid through Lewis & Clark, and should not expect to be granted transfer credit without prior approval of their overseas program and courses. Students exploring this option are strongly encouraged to meet with the director of Overseas and Off-Campus Programs to investigate alternatives early in the process.

Reenrolling at Lewis & Clark

Prior to the on-campus registration period for the following semester, the registrar will contact students on leave through their Lewis & Clark email addresses to confirm their intention to return the next semester. Students must meet all regular deadlines for registration, housing reservations, financial aid applications, and similar matters. Students are also required to contact their faculty advisor prior to registration in order to obtain approval for registration, and must meet with their faculty advisor in person when they return to campus. Students register online using WebAdvisor during the regular on-campus registration period.

Permanent Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from Lewis & Clark and who do not intend to return are expected to complete a permanent withdrawal form. Students who fail to follow these procedures may not be withdrawn from their courses, may receive failing grades, and may become ineligible to reenroll or to transfer to another institution. See the Office of the Registrar to initiate a withdrawal process.


Students who want to return to Lewis & Clark after having left without taking an official leave of absence or who have been away from the institution for more than two semesters must apply for readmission. Information concerning readmission, including application materials and procedures, is available in the Office of the Registrar. Readmitted students are subject to Lewis & Clark requirements in effect during the year of their return.

*Dates are compressed for the summer semester and the add/drop period spans only the first two days of the summer session. For summer session courses that begin after the first day of the session, the deadline to add/drop or select the credit/no credit option is 4 pm on the day of the second class meeting. (Students in the AES program have an add/drop period which extends through the first week of the session.) See the academic calendar.

**At the request of the instructor, students may be allowed to switch sections of the same course through the third week for the following courses only: lab sections of a lab course, the lecture section of CHEM 110, music performance lessons, or levels within the same private music lesson instrument.