Undergraduate Catalog

Academic Integrity Policy


Academic integrity emerges from the fundamental values of honesty, fairness, and the rigorous pursuit of truth. Scholarly work is at the heart of our academic community, and mutual respect is essential to the achievement of quality scholarship. As we seek knowledge for its own sake and prepare students for civic leadership, we maintain this policy to promote responsible decision-making and personal accountability throughout Lewis & Clark College.

Academic Integrity in Practice

Each member of the Lewis & Clark community is responsible for the integrity of their individual academic performance. As each act of dishonesty harms the entire community, each student, faculty, or staff member is expected to report potential violations of this policy to the Office of the Dean of the College. Through these actions, we are committed to maintaining standards of academic integrity.

Prohibited Conduct

The following are prohibited forms of conduct under the Academic Integrity Policy. Any attempted or completed action outlined below is subject to disciplinary action:

  1. Cheating: Using unauthorized materials or accessing information not explicitly permitted as part of an academic exercise.
  2. Falsification: Falsification of any information, data, or citation as part of an academic exercise.
  3. Plagiarism: Reproduction of the ideas, words, or statements of another without due acknowledgement.
  4. Resubmission: Resubmission of an academic product, such as a paper or project, for which credit has previously been obtained or is being sought, without knowledge or approval of the currently involved faculty.
  5. Sabotage: Interference with or theft, alteration, or destruction of the academic work, educational resources, materials, or documents of others.
  6. Exploitation of Academic Assistance: Unfairly benefitting from the assistance provided by another in the process of completing an academic exercise.
  7. Facilitating Academic Dishonesty: Knowingly helping another to violate the Academic Integrity Policy.

For more information about Lewis & Clark's Academic Integrity Policy, consult the guides for student conduct, the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, or the Office of the Dean of Students.