Undergraduate Catalog

Summer Sessions

Tuition for Summer Sessions is charged on a per-credit-hour basis and is discounted from regular semester rates. Summer 2018 tuition is $1,088 per credit. Please visit Summer Sessions for further information about summer tuition and campus housing costs.

As with fall and spring offerings, some summer courses are subject to additional fees to help cover laboratory supplies, field trips, and other incidental expenses. To see if a fee applies, view the appropriate class section on WebAdvisor.

Payment of Summer Sessions tuition and fees is due on the first day of the session the student is attending. Lewis & Clark does not generate statements for Summer Sessions in advance of the payment due date. The consequences of carrying an outstanding balance are detailed under Nonpayment of Charges in this section.

Students who wish to withdraw from a session must follow the withdrawal procedures outlined in Academic Policies and Procedures. Lewis & Clark’s policies allow for summer charges to be adjusted based on the date of notification on the completed Withdrawal form. Students who withdraw on or before the second day of the applicable session are eligible for a full reversal of their tuition charge and any applicable class fee. Students who withdraw after the second day* are not eligible for any adjustment to their charges.

*To be eligible for an adjustment to charges, the student must submit his or her withdrawal by 4 p.m. on the day following the first scheduled course meeting.