Undergraduate Catalog

Statements and Payments

Statement of Student Account

The Office of Student and Departmental Account Services produces statements itemizing the activity on student accounts. The first statement of each semester is generated well before the beginning of the semester. Fall semester statements are available in July and spring semester statements are available in November. The fall deadline to settle student accounts is in mid-August. The spring deadline to settle student accounts is in mid-December.

Lewis & Clark distributes student account statements electronically through the Student Account Center and does not mail paper statements. Student and Departmental Account Services will send a notification to the student's Lewis & Clark email address when a new statement is available for viewing. The Student Account Center enables students to retrieve an electronic statement (E-Bill), view live account information, make a payment, review refund information and establish refund preferences and enroll in the monthly payment plan option.

Students should verify all charges and credits listed. Certain forms of financial aid, such as Federal Direct PLUS Loans for parents, Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, and Federal Perkins Loans, are scheduled for disbursement at the beginning of each semester. Students who have been awarded any of these forms of aid and have completed the additional steps outlined in the award packet to secure loan funding can consider their aid to be fully processed. Fully processed financial aid will appear as “Pending Financial Aid” on the student account statement. Only balances not covered by the net proceeds of fully processed financial aid, or a monthly payment plan, are required to be paid by the due date.

The student account belongs to the student and is in his or her name. The student bears the financial responsibility for his or her account, and any consequences resulting from an outstanding balance must be resolved by the student rather than the parent or guardian. Accordingly, Lewis & Clark will send notification to the student’s Lewis & Clark email address when a new statement is available for viewing. Once a statement is available, the student may log in to the Student Account Center to establish shared access to allow a designee or designees to view statements, make payments, and enroll in a monthly payment plan. 

Nonpayment of Charges

Students who have not settled their charges will not be allowed to register or attend classes for future semesters. For an explanation of what it means to settle a student’s account, please refer to the Student and Departmental Account Services: Settling Your Student Account page. Lewis & Clark reserves the right to withhold grade reports, transcripts, and diplomas. Registration for future terms may be canceled as a result of an outstanding student account balance. Full payment of any balance due is required to facilitate the release of these documents and/or to clear a student for class re-registration. Additionally, past-due balances not covered by fully processed financial aid are subject to late fees. Lewis & Clark reserves the right to assess late fees to all past-due student accounts. Balances of $399 and below are subject to a per-semester $10 late fee. Balances of $400 and above are subject to a per-semester $100 late fee.

Dishonored Payments

A $20 fee will be charged to the student’s account for any payment returned to Lewis & Clark or its payment processing partner, Tuition Management Systems, by the bank. This fee may not be reversed. Student and Departmental Account Services will send notice to the student of the dishonored payment. The student must make restitution and remit payment of the returned payment fee within 10 days following this notification. Lewis & Clark reserves the right to refuse a personal check for payment in certain circumstances.

Monthly Payment Option

To help students meet their educational expenses, Lewis & Clark has partnered with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to administer a monthly payment plan. This plan allows students to pay both their fall and spring semester costs in five interest-free installments. Fall monthly payment plans begin July 5. Spring monthly payment plans begin December 5. There is no payment plan available for summer expenses. The expectation is that a student's monthly payment plan is active, accurately budgeted, and current. If these conditions are met by the semester due date, a Lewis & Clark student account is considered settled. To learn more about TMS, or to set up a payment plan, visit lclark.afford.com.

Lewis & Clark reserves the right to refuse a student enrollment in a monthly payment plan depending on past payment history.

Enrollment Deposit

A nonrefundable deposit of $500 is required from all students who intend to enroll at Lewis & Clark’s College of Arts and Sciences. The postmark deadline for receipt of this deposit is May 1. This deposit will be applied against the first semester charges on the student’s account.

Overseas and Off-Campus Study Deposit

Students accepted for overseas or off-campus study must pay a nonrefundable deposit of $300 within 30 days of acceptance to a program. This deposit will be applied against the charges for the overseas or off-campus program of study.

Late Registration and Payment

If a student’s initial class registration occurs after the semester due date has passed, it is considered to be a late registration. In such cases, the student is required to settle anticipated semester charges, including any special course fees, at the time of class registration. Students should work with Student and Departmental Account Services to determine the anticipated semester charges in order to ensure that registration and payment occur simultaneously.