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Global Pandemics in History
Global Pandemics in History
Examination of global epidemics and pandemics in historical perspective, beginning with the infamous Black Death in Europe during the 14th century and ending with the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the late 20th century. We will trace the development of pandemics from the first unexpected and often bewildering cases and early understandings of the sources and treatments to how the diseases influenced contemporary social relationships, cultural beliefs, and medical knowledge. In addition, we will scrutinize how people’s ideas about disease shaped their responses to it, sometimes in ways that inhibited their efforts to successfully treat those affected. Through study of expert scholarship and historical firsthand accounts, we will make connections between the pandemics of the past and the world we live in today.
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Global Perspectives
Historical Perspectives
Please see attached syllabus. Course starts in ancient Greece, moves to Black Death in Europe, transatlantic exchanges and disease, revolutionary France, smallpox in Africa, pandemic of 1918, HIV/AIDS in global context
Please see attached syllabus. Weeks 13-14 of the semester are on HIV/AIDS and COVID pandemics. Weeks 1-12 of the semester cover material pre-1945.


Adjunct instructor may want to order copies of assigned books for Watzek so they can be placed on reserve. I believe current resources are adequate.
Please explain in detail the reasons for adding or modifying this course. In your response, be sure to respond to the following:
This one-time course is an opportunity to for majors and minors to take a course on the history of medicine, not a topic our permanent faculty are able currently able to offer
In consultation with Jerusha Detweiler-Bedell, I have proposed that this course could count for the Global/Cultural elective category for the Health Studies minor.
May appeal to students interested in health fields
none. The History department has an opportunity to hire an adjunct to teach one course for us in Spring 2022. (Due to a tenured faculty member getting an external grant that includes one course buy out). We will not be able to offer this course regularly.
See above requests to include as Gen Ed Global Perspectives and Historical Perspectives courses. And as Global/Cultural elective for Health Studies if that program approves.
The syllabus attached is a sample of the course that our anticipated hire is currently teaching at another school. If she is hired, I will help her to tweak the syllabus to correspond to the LC spring 2022 schedule.
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