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Viewing: SOAN-398 : Disaster and Resilience in Late Capitalism

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Spring 2021
College of Arts and Sciences
Disaster and Resilience in Late Capitalism
Disaster and Resilience
Examination of social, cultural, and inequality dimensions of contemporary disasters, including COVID-19 and other public health emergencies, climate-related events, and other recent crises. Assessment of strategies for building greater resilience to disasters at the community, national, and global levels.
SOAN 100 or SOAN 110. Two 200-level SOAN classes.
Sophomore standing required.
Consent of Instructor is always required.
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The library will be asked to acquire a handful of books that will be used as required texts in the course.
Please explain in detail the reasons for adding or modifying this course. In your response, be sure to respond to the following:
This course brings a sociological and anthropological analysis to contemporary disasters, which are increasingly impacting the lives of all people. We do not currently have a course in our department which covers this vitally-important topic, and so it fills a space in the SOAN roster with a course that is likely to get a high enrollment.
There are disaster-related courses that are currently offered occasionally in both the ENVS and History programs. The professor proposing this new SOAN course has consulted with those two faculty members (Professors Safran and Bernstein), and has received supportive input on the introduction of this new SOAN course.
Disaster studies is a growing arena of scholarship in both sociology and anthropology, and is also a rapidly growing career in the corporate and public sectors. Students who have taken a course on disasters and resilience will find their ability to enter masters programs, graduate programs, and private/public employment arenas.
The professor proposing this course (Podobnik) will teach an existing course, Global Inequalities (SOAN 350) less frequently than before. However, Professor Bylander wants to teach Global Inequalities as part of her rota..on, and so that fits well with overall departmental objectives.
As mentioned, Professor Podobnik will be in continual coordination with the ENVS and History faculty who teach somewhat related courses, to make sure that course scheduling and course content remains complementary.
The SOAN department hopes to test out this course as a 398 for its first iteration, and then if all goes well to propose to transform it into a regularly-numbered course for future semesters.
Is this a field placement course?

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