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Viewing: SOAN-298 : Environmentalism in East Asia

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Environmentalism in East Asia
Environmentalism E. Asia
Consideration of the boundaries between culture and nature, as well as those between urban and rural areas. These boundaries influence the ways we think about natural environments. Exploration of ethnographies related to environmental issues and activism in East Asian countries. Through readings of ethnographic studies focusing on specific cases of environmentalism and social issues, students will navigate the intricate ways in which nature and the environment are intertwined with social and political concerns and cultural concepts.
SOAN 100, SOAN 110 or AS 100.
Consent of Instructor is always required.
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The professor for this course is Dr. Jeongsu Shin, the recipient of an externally funded two-year post-doctoral teaching/research fellowship in ASIAN STUDIES.

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Global Perspectives
The course is entirely focussed on East Asia. It will discuss the cross-cultural and trans-national aspects of environmentalism as a political and discursive movement.


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This broadens the offerings of the SOAN department by contributing a regional focus to global environmentalism. It advances our efforts to provide both insight into particular cultural contexts as well as fresh comparative perspectives.
This course falls directly within the Asian Studies program and strengthens connection between the social sciences and regional inter-disciplinary studies. The course is listed as a SOAN 'special topics' class (rather than Asian Studies) to emphasize accessibility for SOAN students. It may be relevant to students in Environmental Studies, but will NOT count towards the major requirements. Bruce Podopnik will continue to teach SOAN 305 'Environmental Sociology' as scheduled.
This course not only addresses subject matter in East Asia, but also de-centers predominantly western notions of "environmentalism" by focussing on regional discourse and events.
No other changes are taking place within the SOAN major. This is purely a two-year addition based on the hire of the Asian Studies post-doctoral fellow in Asian Studies.
This course will fulfill Asian Studies general curriculum elective requirements as well as SOAN elective requirements at the 200-level. Given that it is only a two-year offering and the faculty is here with a funded fellowship there are no other adjustments anticipated in either program. Since it fulfills the Global Studies requirement it will also serve a broader service to all students in the college.
Dr. Shin is on an externally funded, occasional, fellowship and are expected to continue research towards publication, take part in the intellectual life of the college, and teach three courses a year. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Asian Studies program, SOAN is providing a departmental 'home' for Dr. Shin, with the expectation that one of these courses each year will be listed under SOAN. But we view these courses as an 'extra' offering, NOT part of our anticipated course planning.
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