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Viewing: SOAN-298 : Reproductive Justice: Bodies, Health, and Society

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Spring 2021
College of Arts and Sciences
Reproductive Justice: Bodies, Health, and Society
Reproductive Justice
Reproductive justice as a framework for analyzing issues of bodily autonomy and human rights. With emphasis on contemporary U.S. society, the course will survey the medicalization of birth, the spectrum of birth work, and the rights of pregnant and parenting people, acknowledging that reproduction is an experience that goes beyond the gender binary. The course centers on the scholarship and narratives of historically marginalized identities, particularly the sociocultural context of African American women in reproductive politics. Reproductive justice is also a social movement that seeks equity beyond birth through the alleviation of social ills linked to institutional racism and other mechanisms of oppression, including heterosexism. This course situates the body and reproductive experience as one that is socially constructed and shaped by social location (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, citizenship status, age, ability, or religion) to regulate bodily autonomy.
SOAN 100 or 110.
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Culture, Power, and Identity
Understand the historical context of reproductive justice as a modern social movement that emerged from the everyday work and knowledge projects of Women of Color.
Learn about the medicalization of birth and the role of birth as a site of racialization.
Critically engage with intersectional analyses that situate the body and reproductive experiences within the matrix of domination to interrogate power and privilege.



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