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Counseling Psychology

Counselors, family therapists, and school psychologists play a vital role in society by helping individuals and groups grow in healthy ways, respond to difficult circumstances with resiliency, and deepen their understanding of themselves and others. These professionals are leaders who build caring relationships and strong communities defined by hope and concern for social justice.

Lewis & Clark's graduate degree and licensure programs provide future counselors, therapists, and school psychologists with the knowledge and innovative skills critical to the practice of community mental health, mental health and addictions counseling, marriage, couple and family therapy, and school psychology in today's diverse world. Academic study is augmented by experiential learning that cultivates the attitudes and skills essential to culturally competent practice. Through a combination of classroom and practicum/internship experiences, students learn how to foster helping relationships and create a spectrum of interventions effective for children, adults, couples, families, groups, and communities. Our graduates use their skills in a wide range of public and private agencies and schools, as well as in private practice.

Our programs are unique in their commitment to equity, social and economic justice, global citizenship, and culturally affirming ways of living. This includes ensuring that therapists, school psychologists, and counselors are well equipped to work with diverse local and global communities. Students have the opportunity to expand their global awareness through participation in international coursework.

Community Counseling Center

In 2012, the Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling opened a state-of-the-art counselor training facility near downtown Portland. The Community Counseling Center provides affordable services for individuals and families, with a special focus on underserved communities throughout the Portland area. Through the center, counselors-in-training have outstanding opportunities to work with a wide range of clients while practicing cutting edge, evidence based, culturally appropriate service delivery.

The clinic provides intensive training, supervision, and education to counselor and therapist trainees in the following:

Lewis & Clark faculty and highly qualified professional supervisors educate and oversee graduate students working with clients, supporting students in creating effective interventions, outcomes, and knowledge of community needs. 

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