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SPSY 576 School Psychology Colloquium

Content: A Colloquium is an academic seminar on a broad field of study, usually led by a different lecturer at each meeting. This Colloquium will be focused on the broad field of School Psychology, and all candidates across all three cohorts of the school psychology program are required to attend in order to address, together, relevant topics of the profession that concern us all. The Colloquium meets four times per academic year, with a different topic as the focus for each meeting. These four topics include: 1) Issues in Practicum and Internship Supervision; 2) Variations of the Practice of School Psychology; 3) Alumni Relations and Mentorship; and 4) Cross-Professional Collaboration. The School Psychology Colloquium challenges school psychology candidates to address issues of concern across all three cohorts while simultaneously providing mentorship across these cohorts through conversation, guidance, and shared information. Course goals for participants include: a. Engaging with the data, research and theory regarding topics of shared concern in the field of school psychology b. Gaining an understanding of the practices of mentorship, supervision and on-going professional development in the field of school psychology c. Gaining an understanding of the variation and different forms of practice within the field of school psychology at the local, national and international level. d. Engaging with related professionals in the field of education regarding topics of shared concern in an effort to better differentiate and integrate as working professionals.
Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 0.5 semester hours.