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SPSY 544 Practical Skills of Psychoeductional Assessment

Content: This course is a 1-credit lab course designed to be taken in conjunction with SPSY-542, Assessment and Intervention II. SPSY 542 is the second of a three-part assessment sequence. SPSY 542 focuses on cognitive and academic measures. This course is designed to prepare students to (a) understand and learn the process of assessment. The course format stresses the formative evaluation of student progress toward a criterion of competence. Students are expected to master the administration, scoring, and basic interpretation of specific cognitive and achievement measures to a high level of mastery. Additional training and experience will be necessary, however, to further develop and refine skills and to apply them to diverse individuals in a variety of settings. Students demonstrating initial competence following this course will be ready for further training in individual intellectual assessment in supervised practicum experiences, but not for unsupervised/independent practice.
Prerequisites: SPSY 541
Corequisites: SPSY 542
Credits: 1 semester hour.