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SPEDĀ 514 Curriculum and Instruction for Students With Exceptionalities

Content: Research-validated curriculum and specially designed instruction for students with disabilities. Based on Common Core State Standards, participants review and adapt general education curricula appropriate to their authorization level to create specially designed instruction that emphasizes and supports progress across academic areas, learning strategies, and appropriate accommodations. This course uses curriculum-based assessment/measurement data to craft effective, substantive, and procedurally correct individualized education plans (IEPs) and specially designed instruction aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Additionally, candidates will demonstrate all skills necessary to facilitate an IEP meeting, including group dynamics and conflict resolution strategies.
Prerequisites: SPED 513/SPED 632.
Corequisites: SPED 546/SPED 646.
Restrictions: SPED 513/SPED 632 or consent of advisor.
Credits: 3 semester hours.