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SOAN 365 The Political Economy of Green Capitalism

Faculty: Goldman
Content: Exploration of the effectiveness of environmentally motivated technologies in mitigating global environmental problems when these technologies become materially organized as capitalist markets and commodities. Examines whether commodification of nature can remedy ecological crises. Students will read key theoretical texts and use political economic frameworks to analyze four cases of environmental technologies. Topics include renewable energies (solar, wind, wave), recycling materials industries, innovative technologies for lighting, fuel cells, sustainably produced organic foods, the carbon and the carbon-dioxide economy, and the expansion of “green consumerism.” Arguments of critics and proponents will be considered.
Prerequisites: SOAN 100 or 110, and one 200-level SOAN course; or ENVS 160 and ENVS 220.
Restrictions: Junior standing.
Usually offered: Every third year, fall semester.
Semester credits: 4.