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SOANĀ 300 Social Theory

Faculty: Goldman, Kosansky
Content: Classical origins of general methods, theories, and critical issues in contemporary social science and social thought. Early market-based social theories of Hobbes and Locke, Enlightenment social theorists such as Rousseau and Montesquieu, Burke's critique of the Enlightenment, Hegel's dialectical critique. "Classical" social theories of Marx, Durkheim, and Weber. Twentieth-century paradigms such as symbolic interaction, structuralism, critical theory, contemporary feminist theories. Enrollment preference given to departmental majors fulfilling degree requirements.
Prerequisites: SOAN 100 or SOAN 110. One 200-level sociology/anthropology course.
Restrictions: Sophomore standing required.
Usually offered: Annually, fall and spring semester.
Semester credits: 4.


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Sociology and Anthropology

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