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SCIĀ 579 Teaching Science to Adolescents

Content: Teaching and learning science in middle-level and high school classrooms. Emphasizes the design of investigations, safety, and the role of using a wide variety of science activities in science teaching. Includes planning, organization, and assessment of science teaching and learning, using the tenets of backward design. Pays attention to differentiation of instruction for student needs, articulation of objectives, and their link to teaching, standards, and assessment. Introduces participants to the importance of science as the work of a particular cultural community with shared values and linguistic norms, while examining literature about the challenge students may face in making a "cultural border crossing" into science. Special attention is given to diversity and social justice issues. Materials draw upon research from the history and philosophy of science as well as research about the psychology of learning science, with particular attention to the "human constructivist" views and adolescent development. Candidates write the teaching plan for their December teaching.
Prerequisites: None.
Restrictions: Admission to Secondary Preservice Program or consent of instructor.
Credits: 4 semester hours.