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SCED 516 School Counseling Internship

Content: Application of knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained from previous courses (e.g., consultation, research, ethics/law). Candidates focus on the school counselor's role within the educational setting and prepare a professional portfolio that showcases their graduate work/experiences. Candidates assess, design, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive school counseling program based on national standards, the ASCA National Model, and Oregon's Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Framework. Explores school reform initiatives (e.g., Certificate of Initial Mastery, Certificate of Advanced Mastery, Proficiency-Based Admissions Standards), including curriculum, instruction, leadership, and politics. Students take 4 semester hours in fall and 4 in spring for a total of 8 semester hours.
Prerequisites: Completion of all required coursework.
Restrictions: Portfolio meeting and sign-off with advisor.
Credits: 4 semester hours.


...resolve all incomplete grades before enrolling in SCED 516 School Counseling Internship . Educational Administration: Students...