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READ 620 Innovations in Reading

Content: Organizing, managing, and evaluating both classroom and school-wide K-12 reading programs. Students examine the textbook adoption process, participate in the development and use of a tool for evaluating reading texts, assess components of reading and writing programs, and learn to integrate reading and writing processes throughout the school grades to extend learners' experiences and enhance their own and students' capacities to solve literacy problems. This capstone course of the Reading Intervention program must be taken at the end of the sequence.
Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 3 semester hours.

Reading Intervention Endorsement

The Reading Intervention Endorsement Program applies a dynamic view of literacy to reading and writing instruction in schools. The program's theoretical base owes much to the work of Donald Murray, Linda Rief, Stephanie Harvey, Ellin Keene, Stephen Krashen, Donald Graves, Louise Rosenblatt, and others who believe that reading, writing, listening, and speaking are all language processes. Language users interact with text—oral, written, and visual—to construct meaning and create meaningful stories.