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QR 101 Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning

Faculty: Black
Content: Students will apply mathematics, statistics, and algebra to quantitatively analyze, model, and solve problems in authentic contexts with a focus on effectively reporting the results and conclusions. Topics include units, dimensional analysis, estimation, percent change, proportional reasoning, linear and exponential modeling, systems of equations, charts and graphs, descriptive statistics, logarithmic scale, linear regression, correlation, and what-if analysis. Emphasis on using computational tools.
Prerequisites: ALEKS score of 30 or above.
Usually offered: Annually, fall and spring semester.
Semester credits: 4.

Mathematical Sciences are designed with nonmajors in mind: QR 101 is intended for those students who...

General Education Requirements

...higher-level mathematics exam; d) successfully completing QR 101 and/or another prerequisite course. Some...

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