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PSY 495 Advanced Faculty Directed Research

Faculty: Davidson, B. Detweiler-Bedell, J. Detweiler-Bedell, LaBounty, Leonard, Nilsen, Watson, Zhang
Content: Advanced faculty–student collaborative research experience. Students will apply their knowledge of research methods to faculty-directed research projects both on and off campus. Students will work collaboratively with faculty to collect, analyze, and present research data. PSY 495 students will also mentor and supervise PSY 295 students in the research process.
Prerequisites: PSY 100. PSY 200 or MATH 105. PSY 300.
Restrictions: Sophomore standing required.
Usually offered: Annually, fall, spring, and summer.
Semester credits: 1-4.


...applied from PSY 295 Faculty Directed Research , PSY 299 Independent Study , PSY 495 Advanced Faculty...