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PE/A 101 Activities

Faculty: Physical Education and Athletics Faculty
Content: Visit for current course descriptions (including prerequisites and fees for specific offerings). Focus on principles of physical fitness such as safe techniques, conditioning activities, principles of movement, importance of lifetime fitness. Student participation and attendance emphasized. Credit-no credit. May be repeated for credit.
Prerequisites: None.
Usually offered: Annually, fall, spring, and summer.
Semester credits: 1.

Physical Education and Athletics

...Students may register for only one PE/A 101 Activities course per semester, except in...

ROTC (Army)

...requirements. Students who take PE/A 101 Activities and/or PE/A 102 Varsity Athletics...

General Education Requirements

...Activities ( PE/A 101 ) , Varsity Athletics ( PE/A 102 ) , and Wilderness Leadership ( PE/A 142...