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MATH 579 Teaching Mathematics to Adolescents

Content: Teaching and learning mathematics in middle-level and high school classrooms. Emphasizes meaningful development of mathematical concepts, from pre-algebra through calculus, for the purposes of teaching. Focuses on the importance of cultivating student voice and building from students' prior knowledge through open-ended problem solving and inquiry-based experiences. Supports a view of mathematics as the science of patterns, a way of thinking that all students must embrace in order to fully access democracy in the 21st century. Candidates learn about national standards for school mathematics in grades 6-12 as well as the range of research informing best practices in math education. Particular attention is given to issues of equity, differentiation, culturally relevant pedagogy, assessment, and backward design. Incorporates the use of technology (especially TI-graphing calculators and dynamic geometry software) as tools for deepening mathematical understanding. Candidates write the teaching plan for their December teaching.
Prerequisites: None.
Restrictions: Admission to Secondary Preservice Program or consent of instructor.
Credits: 4 semester hours.