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LA 579 Teaching Language Arts to Adolescents

Content: Teaching and learning English language arts in middle-level and high school classrooms. Develops candidates' pedagogical content knowledge by focusing on a student-centered view of teaching literature and composition to adolescents. Candidates read about, discuss, and experience the importance of writing to learning and discovery, the student-teacher conference, writing process in theory and practice, the evaluation of writing, the place of writing in literature classes, and the powerful current that can be transmitted among teenage writers. Drawing on reader-response theory, candidates learn how they can encourage students to respond to texts and lead them from those first responses into analysis of both the text itself and their reading of it. Based on the tenets of backward design, the course looks at planning, organization, and assessment--articulating objectives and linking them to standards, teaching, and assessment. Introduces differentiation of instruction in support of meaningful learning experiences responsive to individual differences, interests, developmental levels, and cultural contexts. Candidates write the teaching plan for their December teaching.
Prerequisites: None.
Restrictions: Admission to Secondary Program or consent of instructor.
Credits: 4 semester hours.

Reading Intervention Endorsement

...Prerequisites: None. Credits: 1-2 semester hours. LA 579 Teaching Language Arts to Adolescents Content...