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IS 284 Contemporary Ecuador

Faculty: Overseas Faculty
Content: Explores different aspects of Ecuador through an anthropological optic. The main purpose is to provide students with information, conceptual tools, and methods with which to investigate and interpret their Ecuadorian experience. Class discussion and questions from students are very important. The specific topics covered in the course are chosen anew each semester, in order to address current affairs and new anthropological work. Globalization, Andean prehistory, traditional medicine, identity politics, indigenous rights movements, gender roles, religion and society, race, ethnicity, witchcraft, agricultural economics, transnational migration and Plan Colombia are some of the topics included in recent courses. Social structure and culture in Cuenca are also included.  The course includes day trips and a week-long fieldtrip. Some class assignments require students to investigate and report on questions about Cuenca and its environments. Course material is presented in required readings and class lectures. There are films and occasionally guest speakers to complement this material. Grades are based on exams, short writing assignments, and a term paper.
Prerequisites: None.
Restrictions: Acceptance to Ecuador overseas program.
Usually offered: Annually, spring semester.
Semester credits: 4.