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HIST 347 Modern Mexico: Culture, Politics, and Economic Crisis

Faculty: Young
Content: Origins and development of the modern Mexican nation from independence to the contemporary economic and political crisis. 1811 to 1940: liberal-conservative battles, imperialism, the pax Porfiriana, the Mexican Revolution, industrialization, and institutionalizing the revolution. 1940 to the present: urbanization, migration to the United States, the student movement, neoliberal economics and politics, disintegration of the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party), and the new social rebellions (Zapatistas, Popular Revolutionary Army, Civil Society). Constructing mexicanidad in music, dance, film, and the cultural poetics of the street and the town plaza.
Prerequisites: HIST 141 or HIST 142 recommended.
Restrictions: Junior standing required.
Usually offered: Alternate Years, fall and spring semester.
Semester credits: 4.