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GEOL 170 Climate Science

Faculty: Kleiss
Content: Introduction to the earth's climate from a physical, earth-systems perspective. Prehistoric and historic fluctuations in the earth's climate, the current climate system, and projections for future climate and climate impacts. Topics will include the radiative balance of the earth's atmosphere, the greenhouse effect, albedo, aerosols, clouds, climate feedbacks, ocean circulation, climate variability including El Niño and the Pacific decadal oscillation, the carbon cycle, paleoclimate proxy records, ocean acidification, and climate models. We will examine some responses to climate change, including geoengineering, adaptation, and mitigation. Weekly laboratory exercises with climate data observations and models (computer-based), and physical mechanisms (lab- and field-based). Lecture and lab.
Prerequisites: QR 101.
Corequisites: GEOL 170L.
Usually offered: Annually, fall semester.
Semester credits: 5.