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ESOLĀ 506 ESOL Practicum (Secondary)

Content: Apprenticeship to a mentor who works in a classroom that requires the ESOL endorsement. Practicum may be conducted in a variety of classrooms, such as English as a Second Language (ESL), bilingual, or English Language Development (ELD). Practicum interns work with individuals as well as small and large groups to practice teaching students who are acquiring English as a second language. As part of the practicum, candidates are assigned an on-site mentor and a university supervisor. Candidates are observed teaching two ELD/ESL lessons and two sheltered content lessons.
Prerequisites: ESOL 501/ESOL 601, ESOL 535A and ESOL 535B.
Credits: 0.5-2 semester hours.

ESOL Endorsement

Designed for educators holding an Oregon teaching license, Lewis & Clark's ESOL Endorsement Program explores the principles, theories, research, and practices relevant to the needs of PK-12 students acquiring English as a second or additional language. To meet the needs of professionals, we offer program courses in the evenings, on weekends, during the summer, on-line and, in some cases, at school sites. Candidates join colleagues and Lewis & Clark faculty to engage in classes for dialogue, study, and field experiences that address the full complexity of cultural and linguistic diversity and of academic and social inclusion of immigrant students.