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EDLL 716 Critical Theory and Pedagogy

Content: Education research sits at the intersection of debates about the philosophy of education (ontology), the role of education in (re)producing a pluralistic and free democracy (critical theories of education) what counts as a “just” society (critical social theory), what counts as knowledge production/construction (critical epistemology and critical research design), and ultimately what it means to educate a public for public schools (critical pedagogy). Therefore, education research focused on any one of these areas has implications in all of these areas. For education research focused on problems of (in)justice, with an interest in solving these problems, critical theory offers intellectual traditions and analytic tools. Using these intellectual tools, students will recognize, understand, discuss and apply the historical and current tenants of critical theory to form your own emerging conceptual framework for explaining and describing problems of practice in school leadership and policy, organizing, pedagogy, and education research.
Prerequisites: None.
Restrictions: Admission to doctoral program or consent of program director.
Credits: 1-2 semester hours.