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EDAD 543 Evaluating Teaching and Leading

Content: Re-culturing the evaluation process for teachers and administrators is long overdue and well worth the benefits. Shifting away from old models of retrospective, impressionistic clinical supervision will require teachers and administrators to learn new evidence-based practices and to become familiar with new data analysis tools for both formative feedback and summative assessment. This course focuses on learning to collaboratively analyze classroom observation data to produce clear, specific, accurate, timely, and meaningful evidence of learning. In addition to developing new technical skills for collecting and analyzing classroom observation data and enhancing feedback practices, students will also develop implementation plans that address socio-cultural aspects of shifting away from old models of evaluation including attending to relational trust, restructuring time for formative learning cycles, and facilitating collaborative analysis of classroom observation data. Students will develop a new appreciation for the richness of classroom interactions for explaining and describing learning.
Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 2 semester hours.