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ED 594 Oregon Writing Project: Practicum in Teaching Writing

Content: After the camaraderie of the Summer Institute, too often teachers return to the isolation of their classroom. But you can reclaim your institute community in the Saturday Seminars. Whether you long for the conviviality of teachers sharing stories or you miss a community of teacher-writers who seek to increase their students' love for writing or ability to punctuate, you will fill your needs in the Saturday Seminars. Saturday Seminars are a year-long series of 3-hour workshops facilitated by the OWP director and co-directors as well as OWP teacher consultants. This class will focus on practical classroom strategies and discussions that help develop students as writers as well as teachers as writers. Topics vary from session to session, but each will include time for writing and reflection as well as a framework or lesson to take back to the classroom.
Prerequisites: ED 592/ED 692.
Credits: 1-2 semester hours.

Reading Intervention Endorsement

...WCM 513/613 and ED 536. Prerequisites: None...7 semester hours. LA 594 Oregon Writing Project...