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ED 552 Adolescent Development: Understanding Your Learners

Content: Discussion, critique, and application of current research on adolescent development, understood from psychosocial, culturally responsive, and justice-oriented perspectives. Explores theories of cognitive, relational, sexual, moral, and spiritual development with an emphasis on the middle- and high-school student’s construction of identity as it is shaped by culture, ethnicity, gender, linguistic heritage, race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Examines strategies for promoting resilience and engaging students in learning experiences that are responsive to development levels and cultural contexts. Also investigates insights from neuropsychology and the impact on adolescent well-being as a result of risk-taking behaviors, societal (mis)interpretations of youth, and the ubiquity of digital media.
Prerequisites: None.
Restrictions: Admission to Secondary Preservice Program.
Credits: 2 semester hours.