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ED 551 Literacy and Teacher Research

Content: Understanding the central importance of language and the social construction of knowledge guides the work of this course. Teacher candidates examine issues of diverse perspectives as well as an integrated, process-oriented approach to reading and writing in the subject field. The teacher research component stresses qualitative methods for understanding the learning environment and the meaning-making systems of students. At their field experience sites, preservice teachers conduct interviews and apply ethnographic methods as well as observation systems to diagnose the meaning-making strategies of a selected middle or high school student. They use this experience to identify resources and practices for supporting all students in improved literacy learning.
Prerequisites: None.
Restrictions: Admission to Secondary Preservice Program.
Credits: 2 semester hours.

Reading Intervention Endorsement

...WCM 513/613 and ED 536. Prerequisites: None...2 semester hours. LA 551 Approaches to Teaching...