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ECONĀ 433 Senior Seminar

Faculty: Bekar, Bostian, Grant, McCarthy O'Sullivan, Tygmoine
Content: Advanced research in economics. Production of a research paper and distribution to instructor and class members. Oral presentation of research paper to students, faculty, and the campus community. The research paper requires students to construct, research, write, and present rigorous analysis on an economic question. Topics chosen by students.
Prerequisites: ECON 103, MATH 105, PSY 200, or MATH 255. ECON 301. ECON 302. ECON 303. At least two 300-level or 400-level Economics electives.
Restrictions: Senior standing required.
Usually offered: Annually, spring semester.
Semester credits: 4.


...level or above to enroll in ECON 433 . ECON 444 Practicum does not meet this...