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CPSY 530 Research Methods and Statistics I

Content: Introduction to research methods with an emphasis on design, sampling, measurement issues, and introductory data analysis. Topics include (1) research design: elements of the research process, types of designs, program evaluation; (2) ethical considerations of research: informed consent, research with diverse and vulnerable populations, research with children, human subjects review; (3) basic measurement concepts: validity, reliability, norms, score interpretation; (4) basic statistical concepts: frequency distributions, central tendency, measures of variability, correlation. Reviews Web-based resources for conducting research. Note: Taught during the fall semester only, as the first course of a two-semester sequence. Students who wish to pursue the thesis-option M.S. program are advised to take this sequence as early as possible in their course of study.
Prerequisites: None.
Credits: 3 semester hours.

Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy

...Therapy except Research Methods and Statistics I ( CPSY 530 ) , and: One of the following, with...