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CPSY 522 Diagnosis of Mental and Emotional Disorders

Content: Introduction to the structure and uses of the DSM-5 and ICD-10 systems for diagnosing mental and emotional disorders. Limits and weaknesses of these approaches--especially with regard to cultural differences--and alternatives to them. How to use these systems effectively in the context of person-centered, psychosocial, and systemic interventions, and in culturally diverse environments. Current knowledge, theory, and issues regarding selected disorders. Use of technology-based research tools to secure and evaluate contemporary knowledge.
Prerequisites: For Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy students, take MCFT 502, MCFT 504, and MCFT 511. For Professional Mental Health Counseling and Professional Mental Health Counseling - Specialization in Addictions students, take MHCA 502, CPSY-506, MHC 513, CPSY 550 and one of the following: MHC 535 or CPSY 538.
Credits: 2 semester hours.