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CLAS 314 Topography and Monuments of Athens

Faculty: Overseas Faculty
Content: This site-based course gives a comprehensive overview of the topography, archaeology, and history of Athens, focusing particularly on the great monuments of the Classical and Roman city. Every major site, and many minor ones, will be explored, paying attention to physical setting, architectural and archaeological characteristics, and position in the political, religious, and social lives of the Athenians. Students will trace the rediscovery of Athens’ antiquities from the 15th century to the development of scientific archaeology in the 19th, and will look at the role of archaeology in Athens from the foundation of the Modern Greek state up to the present day. This course is offered as part of the Greece Overseas Study Program.
Prerequisites: HIST 216 or CLAS 254.
Restrictions: Acceptance to the Greece overseas program.
Usually offered: Alternate Years, fall semester.
Semester credits: 4.

Religious Studies

...450-level seminar. CLAS 314 Topography and Monuments of Athens and CLAS 325 Negotiating Identity...