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CHINĀ 310 Readings and Composition in Chinese

Faculty: Dede, Liu
Content: Oral expression, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. Expository and creative writing, syntax, idiomatic usage emphasized to promote fluency. Review and consolidation of grammar and Chinese characters from previous years, expansion of structural and idiomatic command. Increased use of Chinese dictionaries. Reading and writing in both regular and simplified characters. Short oral presentations, compositions, other exercises to build toward mastery of speaking, reading, writing. Short prose works, fiction, drama, poetry, print and video media. With consent of instructor, may be taken twice for credit.
Prerequisites: CHIN 202.
Usually offered: Annually, fall semester.
Semester credits: 4.

World Languages and Literatures

...apply either CHIN 230 or CHIN 290 toward...and/or restriction: JAPN 310 Readings and Composition...