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CHINĀ 290 Topics in Chinese Literature in Translation

Faculty: Dede
Content: English translations focusing on literary genre (poetry, prose, fiction, drama), period (ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary), and/or theme (mythology, the supernatural, Taoist writings, secular rituals, race and gender). Lectures, discussions, student essays, and background readings on literary, cultural, historical, philosophical, religious, and social background of works studied. Topics vary from year to year. The CHIN 290 and CHIN 291 options may not be taken simultaneously. Taught in English; no background in Chinese language or literature required. With consent of instructor, may be taken twice for credit.
Prerequisites: None. CHIN 230 or CHIN 231 recommended.
Usually offered: Alternate Years, spring semester.
Semester credits: 4.

World Languages and Literatures

...CHIN 230 or CHIN 290 toward the requirement, but not both. CHIN 251 and CHIN...