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BIO 200 Investigations in Cell and Molecular Biology

Faculty: Hermann, Lycan, Velázquez Ulloa
Content: Introduction to the biochemistry and molecular biology of cells. Structure and function of biomolecules. Introduction to metabolism and photosynthesis in the context of the cell structures in which these processes occur. Introduction to gene expression and protein localization in the context of genetically modified foods and HIV infection. Project-based laboratories on enzyme kinetics, molecular cloning, and cell structure introduce students to experimental design and data analysis in these areas. This course is intended for sophomore-level students who have completed BIO 151 and CHEM 120.
Prerequisites: BIO 151 (may be taken concurrently). CHEM 120 (may be taken concurrently).
Corequisites: BIO 200L.
Usually offered: Annually, spring semester.
Semester credits: 5.


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