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ART 491 Senior Art Practice

Faculty: Beers, Fisher, Perlitz, Tomlinson, Vogel
Content: First half of the capstone series in studio art. Provides a firm foundation and proficiency in a chosen medium, and fosters a critical dialogue and interdisciplinary discourse about art-making through critiques and visiting artists. Students will work on a series of writings and research including interviews and project proposals.
Prerequisites: 300-level studio art course.
Restrictions: Art major, senior standing, and instructor consent.
Usually offered: Annually, fall semester.
Semester credits: 4.


The Department of Art offers students an exciting learning environment in which to practice the visual arts and to study art in its historical and theoretical contexts. Our faculty work to ensure that all students graduate with the ability to think creatively and critically, both about the art they produce and the art they study. We are committed to helping students achieve the visual literacy that is essential to negotiating the world today by preparing students for careers as visual artists; for work in galleries, museums, and arts administration; and for a life enriched by the visual arts.


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