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ART 303 Realism, Photography, and Print Culture in the 19th Century

Faculty: Johnston
Content: The intertwined history of realism and mass media as integral components of an emerging modernity in the United States and Europe during the 19th century. Focus on technical innovations and the examination of primary writings by artists, critics, authors, and other cultural figures to assess their aspirations for and anxieties about the innovations' social and cultural implications. Realism as a movement in academic art; debates about the artistic value of mass media and the impact on artistic practice; early mass media and the pursuit of political change; the relationship between art and science; the shaping of national, racial, class, and gender identities; the emergence of the modern commercial market and industrial production.
Prerequisites: ART 100.
Restrictions: Sophomore standing required.
Usually offered: Annually, fall and spring semester.
Semester credits: 4.